4 Features Rockstar MUST Add To GTA V

Harry Chapman May 16, 2014 2
4 Features Rockstar MUST Add To GTA V

It is now almost June, a whole 9 months since the release of Grand Theft Auto V, and despite the release being impressive on its own, Rockstar taking into consideration what people want adding to the game is a whole lot less impressive. I will give Rockstar credit in saying that they have undoubtedly successfully released one of the best and most beautiful games of all time, and with it comes exciting features including GTA Online Apartments, Garages, Customizable Vehicles etc., however they have made the vital mistake of not planning ahead enough before releasing the game. Below are a few features that Rockstar Games MUST add to the game because quite frankly it’s getting a little tedious to play after so long.

Re-Arrange Cars in Garage

Online users will know what I am talking about when I say how irritating it is that the cars in your garage are put in default places, and it’s an extreme ball ache to attempt to move them around which normally involves having the destroy or get rid of other vehicles, it’s just not worth it. Something that was supposed to come along with the most recent update is the ability to organise which car goes where, in whichever garage you own. This has not happened, and judging by what I’ve read online from the online community, they aren’t happy. Considering what Rockstar has accomplished, adding this one extra ability really can’t be that difficult. They are either being lazy with their work and working on less important and less cared about features, or they are saving it for future ‘EXCITING’ updates because they don’t have any ideas of what to release in the future. Please Rockstar, just get on with it!

Customizable Apartments

Now this one may seem a bit of a stretch, but the feature of being able to customize the look of the apartment you own is something that was pulled off in the Saints Row games a fair few years back. At the moment you are put in a position where you have to spend numerous hours completing the same mission over and over again till you get enough money for an apartment, the same apartment that everyone wants to own, the most expensive. That much effort should be rewarded with the ability to at least be able to get something a little more unique than what over 1,000,000 people have in their apartments. I guarantee this is an update that many players would be extremely impressed with, way more impressive than the usual adding of another un-necessary machine gun. I’m talking wallpaper, flooring, decorations, tables, chair, sofas, TV’s etc. I wouldn’t even care if you did it so that we had to pay for the bigger TV’s or whatever, it would make it pretty cool, and give us something else to work for. Just going to throw this into the mix as well… The same 2 shows have been playing on the TV’s for like 8 months…

A Larger Range of Clothing

I again think I speak for all players when I say that the clothing range that the online world has to offer is just not good enough. It’s 2014 and there is realistically a massive range of style in the real world, whereas GTA Online is stupendously limited. I’m not just talking about the guys. The female characters are even worse off. The clothes are so stereotypical, basic t-shirts and a hell of a lot of suits available. For a game of this magnitude you’d have thought that adding a larger range of clothes wouldn’t be too difficult, but here we are, in the similar to same outfits we were wearing those 8 months ago when Online came out for GTA V. The same goes for hair, especially for the women out there. There is literally no longer hair for the girls to pick from, which is absolutely ridiculous to be honest since (without sounding stereotypical) girls are the ones who normally have long hair compared to guys. Please, again Rockstar, sort it out.

Online Heists

I know I’m going to sound like a whiner here, but PLEASE ROCKSTAR, JUST SORT OUT THE ONLINE HEISTS. I personally am not bothered about there being Heists online, I am just so sick of reading people’s complaints online about there being none. Admittedly it would be a cool feature, and I can completely understand the anger felt by the GTA fans because Rockstar did say there would be Heists Online more or less from the beginning and they’re still not here. So please, you made them offline with the ability to switch between three characters which must have been a huge task, so making the heists suited for online can’t be that difficult. It’s another problem with Rockstar not planning ahead well enough, SO once again, SORT IT OUT!

Agree with my thoughts? I hope so, since most of them are your thoughts too! Comment below your thoughts on what GTA V needs to add to the game to keep you guys interested.

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  1. Chris Bowers May 16, 2014 at 2:43 pm - Reply

    I agree with these comments. I’ve played GTA since it came out in November and I’m honestly getting bored because there is nothing to do, also I would like rockstar to cut out the police force online because they get on my nerves and it puts me off the game and I’m sure everyone would agree! I would strongly recommend that rockstar does something about it! GTA is a fantastic game but it would be better if they made us work towards things and achieve better because every time I go online every single online player has everything on the game and it’s simply getting boring.

    • Harry May 21, 2014 at 8:18 pm - Reply

      I agree about the police. I don’t think they should be completely cut out, but the option should be available to join sessions with no police as some do like the interaction with the police, such as police getaways! Thanks for your interest in the post!

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