The 4 Greatest PS1 Games

Harry Chapman September 7, 2014 0
The 4 Greatest PS1 Games

With the release of all the next gen consoles it seems people have lost sight of some of the true gaming classics such as those listed below! That’s What You Get presents a list of the 4 greatest games ever to have been released on the first ever PlayStation console by Sony, the PS1. All listed are that of my own opinion. Feel free to leave yours in the comments below!


1) Spyro the Dragon

4 Best PS1 Games Spyro

I played Spyro at the age of around 7-8 years old, and to be honest I think that is a great age to play a game like Spyro because for me it created some of the best gaming memories of my earlier childhood. One of the most enticing stories of the gaming age followed a dragon in his quest to set free all dragon eggs that had been scattered around the dragon world. Sounds a little dull, but the enemies you face along the way and the bosses you must defeat at the end of each world makes it incredibly exciting to play. Also, did I mention you get to skate around an amazing skate park as a little dragon?

2) Crash Bandicoot

4 Best PS1 Games Crash Bandicoot

One should ask why all the best games are the most frustrating… Crash Bandicoot is a case in point. Despite it being so addictive and so much fun it also makes you want to throw your console out the window. You play as a crazy little fox who basically just wants to mess stuff up and run about jumping on leaves at top speed teasing all the local plants that want to eat him. You do this for many levels, each differentiating in one way or another. You also keep on getting yourself mixed up with a really angry boulder than tries to mow you down on more than one occasion. You keep going through all these levels till you eventually end up facing off against a midget with a weird haircut called Doctor X who could just as well be your father for all the weird stuff that goes on in this game. However, back to the key point, this game is stupendously addictive and thereby fun and worth of the top 5 list.


4 Best PS1 Games Rayman

Rayman has simply got to be one of the best games in existence, despite the high probability of people now having to go to therapy due to anger issues caused by this game. One thing that is sure to happen over and over again is you will die, you will scream, you will cry and you will need to replace your crushed controllers time and time again, but hey, what’s a game without a challenge! Jokes aside, an engaging story and continuous fun does make for hours of entertainment that has never gotten boring after years and years of playing the game which in my eyes is one of the ideal qualities of a great game.


4 Best PS1 Games Spiderman

What made Spider-Man such a great game was the sense of adventure felt whilst playing. Swinging around the city of New York was a pretty new thing to be able to do on a game during the time of its release, however I don’t actually think the gameplay had a whole lot to do with the game being so cool. I think it was just that it had Spider-Man in it, which was way more popular than the Avengers or X-Men or other superheros back in those days, outside of the comic book world of course. So playing this game just made you feel badass, which is a pretty awesome thing to feel at an age such as mine back then.


List your own favourites down below!

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