5 Movies That Should Have Game Adaptions

Harry Chapman March 28, 2014 0
5 Movies That Should Have Game Adaptions

So many great movie, with outstanding plots and characters, and so little game adaptions of the movies. That’s What You Get presents 5 movies that should be made into games.

The Bourne Movies

5 Movies That Should Have Game Adaptions The Bourne Supremacy

I know what people are going to think. There was already a Bourne game. But answer this… Was it really that impressive? No. In fact, it was extremely poor, and that’s being kind. The films have so much thought in them that the game really did feel like a wasted effort and a let-down, or in other words a useless piece of merchandise. Re-booting the game, but doing it properly this time by sticking to the storyline completely would make for a thought provoking, thrilling and exciting game well worthy of playing. Multiple combat situations, Swimming and running for your life, Decision making scenarios. That sounds pretty good to me.


Films that should be made into games TWYG Jumanji

A video game for this slightly older movie would be very appropriate considering the fact that the movie is actually based on a game. The film, if you haven’t watched it, is about a young boy discovering a board game which depending on the outcome of your turn depends on the consequence and actions that follow. For example, the boys turn sends him into a trapped world for years until eventually someone else plays the game and he is returned to the world as he knew; only 30 years have passed. A game, which involved the players to take turns on the board game, could present the player with various threats that they have to overcome in order to progress further into the game. It’s an idea that has huge potential in my opinion.

Jurassic Park

Films that should be made into games TWYG Jurassic Park

The ultimate dinosaur movies, the very best! Jurassic Park is a massive franchise and admittedly it would be a hell of a job trying to pull off an impressive enough game to please the fans. That means money, and a dedicated team. I know lots of people say that graphics aren’t what make a game good, but in this case it would definitely help. Having a bunch of cartoon dinosaurs wouldn’t cut the mustard. You’d need the very best graphics for the dinosaurs and the surroundings. It has big potential, but it’s a big project. It’s also pretty likely to happen, considering a new Jurassic Park is coming out.

End of Watch

Films that should be made into games TWYG End of Watch

There hasn’t been a good old cop game in a pretty long time. It’s all about avoiding the cops and officials alike, in games such as GTA, Need for Speed etc. When I was younger I remember playing True Crime and thinking it was one of the best games I’d ever played. That was a cop game. You may think preventing criminal activity (the fun stuff), in a game, is boring. It’s not. It’s actually a lot of fun beating the hell out of the bad guys. End of Watch is such a good gritty cop film. If any cop film was to be made into a game, it should definitely be End of Watch.

James Bond: Skyfall

Films that should be made into games TWYG Skyfall

Often what happens with the James Bond game adaptions is that they don’t always follow the storyline, and it feels like you are doing nothing but following an empty objective. It would be pretty incredible for a Skyfall video game to be made, but one with a storyline similar to the actual film. All the action in these games are usually quite enjoyable, but what the main contributing factor to a game being great is a mix of entertaining gameplay and plot. So, a James Bond game packed with kick ass action, properly voiced characters, outstanding graphics and a great plot is something that I bet plenty of Bond fans want to see. Fist fights on top of a moving train, Court room gun battles, and High speed car chases, what more could you want!

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