Beneficial Leaking in the Gaming Industry

Harry Chapman September 7, 2014 0
Beneficial Leaking in the Gaming Industry

More and more frequently you’ll hear of leaked information on upcoming releases, especially in the video gaming industry. It’s also common to think that these leaks were performed by people with the pure intentions of ruining spoilers for the fans and for the company. It’s also especially common for these leaks to happen near around the time for the scheduled announcement of a game. So one has to wonder, are these leaks always an accident, or is there more to leaking than meets the common man’s eye?

Just a few examples of recent leaks from the video game industry would include a pirate flag which was supposedly leaked from one of offices at Ubisoft, hinting at the possibility of a new Assassins Creed with a pirate theme which was later revealed as being the now released Assassins Creed IV Black Flag. Another example is a more harmless one but still counts as a leak… new Ubisoft Driveclub gameplay videos. Another would include details on the amount of data needed for Destiny, the upcoming game release, which tells user that they’ll need 40GB of HDD space on the Xbox One which is a lot by the way. Another example of a very recent leak would be a document noting the possibility of an upcoming Lego Jurassic World being in development which would fit alongside the newest movie in the Jurassic Park series. One more example of a leak would be the screenshots of gameplay from the upcoming Ubisoft release Assassins Creed Unity which showed the new Parkour Up and Parkour Down buttons. Notice the pattern of how many Ubisoft products are leaked… they are either slacking in security or they don’t mind throwing the odd spoiler out to the public.

So first is first, S.A.D. One reason why leaking may be intentional by an organisation or developer, would be for the purpose of subliminal advertisement disguised. What a lot of people seem to overlook is the fact that leaking can in fact be extremely beneficial for a gaming organisation, because nine times out of ten the leaks that are posted on sites are small and some almost with a puzzle in that people have to work out what the leak is for… take the Assassins Creed Black Flag case for example. Leaks get people interested in the product in question, and leaks spread fast, which is one of the reasons why they are called leaks. Interest in a product before that product has even been properly announced can be great for the developers and industries involved in the product because by the time of the announcement people will already be waiting in anticipation for news on a product they are excited for. So subliminal advertisement disguised means that the leak is a sneaky way of throwing the product out there and the company is making it out to not be their fault. It’s a disguised and sneaky way of advertising, and it’s also free.

So who really benefits from leaks in the gaming industry? Depending on the size of the leak, both the consumer and the developer benefit as the consumer gets a look at what they can expect and the developer gathers a following of interested customers before the announcement date which is simply put, very good for business.

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