Celeste and Jesse Forever Film Review

Harry Chapman December 21, 2014 0
Celeste and Jesse Forever Film Review

Rashida Jones as Celeste and Andy Samberg as Jesse star in an upmost refreshing take on a potentially cheesy tale of a broken marriage and the regrets of a separation. Long-time young couple Celeste and Jesse still hang around as best friends despite their separation, creating a tension filled ambiance amongst friends whenever the pair are up to their usual deeds in acting like nothing to care baboons having a good time. Confronted on the strangeness of their more than close friendship, the pair decide that action needs to be taken in order to give them the distance they need to break the tether that should have withered along with the end of their marriage.

First to take the plunge into the world of dating is Celeste, much to the upset of Jesse who realizes he desperately wants for the pair to fix their issues and to pick up with their marriage as it left off. Celeste ended the couple’s relationship as result of Jesse’s lack in charisma and lack of any desire to get a job that would help pave the way for a more serious relationship in the future. So, basically Celeste got sick of Jesse acting a bum, and decided she wanted someone who she could take seriously and potentially have kids with.

Celeste and Jesse Forever Film Review Thats What You Get

In an attempt to get back at Celeste, and to make her jealous, Jesse meets Veronica (Rebecca Dayan) and the pair begin dating. By the time Celeste realises her own jealousy of Jesse’s new found love, she realises the depths of her loss when she discovers he is to have a baby with his new partner. So the real focus of the film is on Celeste and her choices of coping mechanism as she realms in the pitiful world of sadness and jealously that she has landed herself in, leading her to question whether or not it was actually her who should take the blame for the separation of the pairs marriage.

Light hearted comedy, a variety of truthful life lessons and interesting character development makes for a breath of fresh air in the rom-com world, and one based on apparent true experience as the film was in fact co-written by Rashida Jones (Celeste) and her real life ex-partner Will McCormack. Definitely the sort of film for a couple to enjoy, Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg’s natural chemistry radiates on screen in a movie with a perfectly formed but not entirely predicted conclusion.

Here’s the trailer:

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