The Consequential End of Debra Morgan

Harry Chapman May 25, 2014 2
The Consequential End of Debra Morgan

This post contains EXTREME spoilers about the TV Series Dexter. I would advise reading once you have finished watching the show ONLY.

Debra Morgan, sister of Dexter, had a difficult life full of difficult choices, the most difficult of which was most probably deciding what to do about the fact that her brother is a serial killer who works as a blood forensic analyst in the police department she is the lieutenant of. Eventually the decision to side with and protect her brother cost her the self-respect she gained from achieving such excellence and protecting so many through the line of duty that she took so seriously. Worst of all, it ended up costing her the life she so desperately wished could be different.

She was loved by many, including boyfriend Joey Quinn, her eventual boss Angel Batista, and her family members Harrison and of course Dexter. So what exactly might the impacts of the death of Debra Morgan have on the other characters in the show, after it ended?

Joey Quinn

The Consequential Death of Debra Morgan Joey

There are two outcomes that I see for Joey Quinn and neither are the most pleasant but the first is better than nothing. After the death of Debra, her boyfriend Joey Quinn will fall back on his ex-girlfriend Jamie who he left so that he could pursue his feelings for Deb freely. It’s obvious that Jamie has deep feelings for Joey, as she wanted to get a house and settle down with him, so taking him back isn’t the most unbelievable outcome. If this were to happen, she would help with his recovery of the break down he’ll surely have after Deb’s death, which will bring them closer together. He won’t be fully satisfied, similarly to before but he will be alive and well and won’t be feeling like hell every day. He may carry on with his job as a detective, although he may get a job elsewhere as it may be easier than to be reminded of where he and Deb spent most days together.

The second outcome that I see happening with Joey is that he becomes a drunken mess similarly to when he first broke up with Deb because she didn’t want to get married to him. Jamie will have left for the job out of Miami just as she had previously planned, leaving Joey no one to fall back on. He would eventually lose his job and will live a very long life of misery. See, I told you the first outcome is better…

Angel Batista

The Consequential Death of Debra Morgan Angel

The most likely consequence of Debra’s death in terms of the impact that it will have on Angel Batista’s life is that it will strive him into becoming a stronger and better member of the Miami Metro P.D. I don’t think he will fall of the wagon in any way, just like he didn’t when his ex-wife Maria Laguerta was murdered. He is a very strong character, much stronger than the likes of Joey Quinn for example. He will take the experience on the chin and turn it into something that he can use to make a difference to the world and to better himself.

He will probably carry on as normal after a while of the usual grieving, by going out with the Chinese pervert Vince every night drinking, but not so much that it becomes a problem, just enough to relax a man after a hard day on the job. Eventually it is likely that he will be promoted maybe in taking Maria’s old job as Chief, and eventually could rank as high as Matthew’s did. Alternatively he may have had enough of the crime scene completely and may pursue the restaurant idea once more.

Harrison Morgan

The Consequential Death of Debra Morgan

For someone so young, Harrison has had a life full of loss. His Mother was murdered in a bath tub by the Trinity Killer before he had the chance to get to know her or even remember her. He is going to grow up believing his Father is dead, as well as his Auntie Debra. He was old enough to remember who these people were, as well as the brother and sister that he is likely never to see again, Cody and Astor Bennett.

Now that he and Hannah have run away together it is extremely likely that he will grow up to be something of a problem child, so full of questions that can’t be properly answered, and hurt at the idea of absolute abandonment. He may even run away from Hannah during stages of rebellion in order to try to find information on what happened to his real family. I don’t see a happy outcome for Harrison for as long as he is kept in the dark, similarly with any child who doesn’t know the truth about their childhood.

Hannah McKay

The Consequential Death of Debra Morgan Hannah

Hannah was put in a very un-fair and very difficult position when Dexter decided to fake his death and go into hiding in order to protect those he cares about as a result of the death of Debra. Dexter left Hannah with Harrison, without Hannah’s say so, however once she learned of Dexter’s death I had absolutely no doubt that Hannah would bring up Harrison as her own, caring for him as a Mother would. It won’t be all hunky dory however… it is Hannah McKay we are talking about.

I strongly predict that Hannah will soon be up to her old tricks, sleeping with a man for his money, marrying him, then killing him in a way that is un-detectable as a murder such as with the use of aconite poison. This way she gets a heavy pay roll as a part of the marital agreement. She will bring Harrison along for the ride; however she would put his safety above anything else whilst keeping him in the dark of her actions similarly to how he knew nothing of who his Father really was.

Dexter Morgan

The Consequential Death of Debra Morgan Dexter

It’s difficult to predict what will happen with Dexter in the future. We last saw him as a lumberjack living in a small hut, having grown a beard and looking pretty depressed with life. The most likely thing to happen is that he will continue killing, following the code, as it will be the only thing is life that makes sense to him and the only thing he has left now that he has lost everyone and everything he truly cares about. I’m not sure Dexter would kill himself out of pure depression, he’s never been the type of person that would lie down and die, he’s more the type to follow the philosophy of hunt or be hunter, or kill or be killed.

Eventually he may not be able to fight the urge any longer and may try and locate Hannah and Harrison as after all she is like an addiction to him, something he desires more than killing itself. He is smart when it comes to hiding what he is, so I daresay it wouldn’t be for a long while that he looks for the ones he loves as otherwise if he reveals himself to the wrong people it would strike questions as to why he faked his death in the first place, and what happened to the body of his dead sister.


Dexter has now finished, with all series, 1-8, available to watch on Netflix.
What are your thoughts on the consequences of Debra Morgan’s demise?

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  1. Ravzie August 3, 2014 at 12:32 am - Reply

    I hated that she got dumped like ever so much trash.

    • Harry August 3, 2014 at 12:58 am - Reply

      It was actually almost poetic in a way.

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