Why Doctor Who Series 8 Has Been Terrible

Harry Chapman November 16, 2014 1
Why Doctor Who Series 8 Has Been Terrible

When the news of the new Doctor being Peter Capaldi hit Earth, many were excited for what would effectively be a new start in the Who universe. Since the reboot in 2005, we had seen three young Doctors, including Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith. So admittedly there was speculation as to what it would be like to have an old Doctor once again, but excitement prevailed.

So has Peter Capaldi proved himself to be the man for the job? What fans need to remember is that the success of a series doesn’t solely depend on the performance given by the Doctor. The writing of the show is something that needs to be taken into consideration, and to be blunt, the writing has been beyond terrible, which reflects terribly on the show as whole. Steven Moffatt is the writer for Doctor Who, following his involvement as the writer of Matt Smith’s series. I remember being younger and watching David Tennant’s episodes when they began and thinking just how marvellous a job the writers had done in creating such an exciting, gripping and fresh tale. What struck me as most interesting was how each episode continued from the last in a soap-like fashion, therefore building a structured storyline that fans could follow and feel attached to. I.e, Bad Wolf, the Masters return and the mysterious Time War. Matt Smith’s episodes were very different indeed, and it took me personally a while to adjust to the regenerated character of whom I am now greatly attached. Eventually Smith’s episodes connected in creating a clever twist at the end of each series, such as River turning out to be Amy and Rory’s daughter and also the Doctor’s wife.

I kept this in mind before Capaldi took over, that each Doctor would be different and each would bring their own dish of deliciousness on screen. I had previously seen Capaldi in Skins, The Thick of It and World War Z, from which in each role he bought something different and had in my eyes proved to be a well worthy actor for the role of the Doctor, minus his tendency to swear profusely of course! Back to the writing anyway… It has been bad for these reasons… There have been only two links between each episode of the series thus far. One was the continued troubles of Clara Oswald’s relationship to Danny Pink… That’s correct. A TV show about sci-fi and time travel managed to base much of the newest series about relationship issues.

The second link would be the mystery of who Missy could possibly be. It was revealed in the second to last episode that Missy was a reincarnation of the Master, which for me was the biggest disappointment because this meant we would never see the return of the outstanding ‘’. We found out about the Master’s new form at the end of the second to last episode, then we saw the Master get taken out by a Cyber-man just 45 minutes later towards the end of the next episode, however I think everyone knows the Master hasn’t really been killed. The writing is just terrible, it is boring and very child audience focused which is frankly insulting to those who have dedicated time in learning and loving the show for years.

Here is how the show can be improved. The return of old characters is un-necessary, I think that was proved in The Day of the Doctor when Rose returned as Bad Wolf in the most disappointing return in television history. Remove Clara from the series completely. She is a pretty face, but beyond that her lines are too cheesy, her acting would suit better to Balamory and her story has been told, UN-less there is anything more to be said on the Impossible Girl. Give the Doctor a companion, a long lasting one at that, which he evidently becomes attached to because it really helps the audience in adjusting to and liking that companion. Then put the companion in danger, at the hands of a well-known enemy of the Doctor… Such as the Dalek’s. Ask yourself this. Have any of the new enemies introduced in this series really rocked your boat like the Dalek’s had done with Tennant? Probably not, which again is a flaw in the writing.

Peter Capaldi has the ability to be so incredible, but the writing is holding him back. He has that naturally dark look about him that suggest he could be dangerous, and taking that and combining it with a proper enemy and a storyline that sustains relevance in every episode could be a real game changer for the better.

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  1. WhoFan September 4, 2015 at 4:33 pm - Reply

    Thank you! I was really disliking this season but I could not wrap my head around WHY.
    It’s taken me month’s to get around to watching this series of Doctor Who, and that’s mainly because it plain sucks. I remember first discovering this show and falling in love with it. I was captivated by the characters, the plot and the rise and falls that it would take me through. I was hooked after just a few episodes.
    But this Series 8 has really let me down. It really does suck immensely. You hit every point right on the head. This series doesn’t have major enemies, no considerable connecting plot (their relationship issues got old after the first time) and the episodes are just lacking that UMPH.
    I reelable hope Series 9 is MUCH better because miss the original writing and plot :/

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