GTA V Game Review

Harry Chapman September 25, 2013 0
GTA V Game Review

Grand Theft Auto V (5), Rockstar’s marvellous new release has already been a huge hit with sales of over $800,000,000 in the first day.

GTA 5 Logo Thats What You Get

Where it all started…

The game starts off in an unknown town, 9 years prior to the events of GTA V’s story. You play as Trevor and Michael in a gun fight worthy of any opening action movie scene. After stealing the good stuff from a bank you have taken over, Michael, Trevor and another character of which you aren’t given the option to play as, fight their way out of the bank, continuing along the outer streets of the bank until eventually Michael drives them out of there. They crash the car not far off from the bank and find themselves in the heat of another gun fight with police. The third unplayable character is shot, leaving Michael and Trevor to get out of there alive, until Michael is shot. Believing Michael to be dead, Trevor flea’s the scene. A brilliantly explosive and energetic start to another GTA.


franklin gta v character twyg

After the games opening mission, you begin to play as Franklin, a citizen of Los Santos who lives with his Aunt and has a large interest in earning money in whatever way possible. Franklin associates with his ‘home boy’ Lamar. The pair work together repossessing cars for a fair wage, until Franklin takes a car back from the wrong guy… Michael, one of the other games characters, which is how the pair meet. After the disagreement over the car which see’s Franklin’s bosses workplace driven into, Franklin and Michael get talking and Michael agrees to give Franklin some lessons on how to get by in bigger and badder ways than repossessing cars. Although Franklin is by far one of GTA’s most interesting characters to date, he doesn’t have the same enjoyable and humorous feel as the others when playing as him.


michael gta v twyg

Since Michael left the game of pulling off bank heists, killing and just generally being a criminal he has done nothing but day dream about what life was once like in his million dollar mansion, slowly allowing himself to detach from his family. Now, they hate him for what he is. He has no relationship with any of his kids and his wife more or less resents his existence, but stays with him for his money. A properly deep character with a lot of issues, which makes the experience of playing his story realistic and interesting.


trevor gta v character twyg

Trevor, possibly my favourite GTA character so far out of all the games. He is completely out of his mind, dangerous, strong and hilarious. He has a tendency to lose his temper and beats the crap out of anyone who doesn’t do as he says. However, underneath the tough guy you see a guy who feels alone. You see this through the way he speaks to Michael, his old best friend who he believed to be dead. Although Michael and Trevor exchange banter like a pair of kids, there is a bond there that is difficult to miss.

Graphics… Not bad at all

Since the release of GTA IV Rockstar has released a few games, those including Red Dead Redemption and L.A Noire. What was special about Red Dead was the large outback world set in the late 1800’s. Honestly, the new world Rockstar created wasn’t that impressive and there were a number of glitches that were too big to miss. Now however, they have done themselves proud. With a combo of the practice gotten from GTA IV, Red Dead and L.A, they have combined the three to create what is by far Rockstar’s most beautiful and vast world to date. L.A Noire was greatly known for the realistic facial movements. Rockstar haven’t at all let slip on that, they have gripped their way of learning and dragged the skill into GTA V, making the faces of the characters seem almost exactly resembling an average human, in terms of expression.

Los Santos

The map in this game is considerably larger than its predecessor from IV. A convenient motorway runs around the outside, saving you the trouble of having to drive over mountains to get from one side of Los Santos to the other… Not that it’s not incredibly fun to do that anyway! You have a choice of whether to hang around in the city, shopping, eating, and hijacking posh cars, to now driving dirt bikes over beautifully scenic hills. Instead of being stuck in the city as you were in Liberty City, you now have the chance to get away from it all, and have the chance to explore a truly impressive set of land that goes on and on for a long and enjoyable while.

Ready for war against LSPD?

GTA V police chase twyg

Before you buy this game, be prepared for the extremely annoying and extremely (weirdly so) stronger police force, Los Santos Police Department. LSPD makes LCPD look like a bunch of amateurs. You’ll find yourself in a number of realistic police chases that once ended by a police car blowing up and killing me because it hit into my own car too many times. All that can be said about the police in Los Santos is that they are extremely temperamental and don’t hold back.

Mechanics, driving, swimming, climbing

One worry I personally had about GTA V would be whether or not Rockstar had improved on the impossibly bad climbing from GTA IV. Niko Bellic’s slow and heavy approach to so much as a bin would be enough to put anyone off attempting to climb anything other than a ladder in that game.

I was relieved whilst messing around with Franklin at the beginning of the game to find how excellent and natural the climbing in this game felt. Some have complained about how when the characters run into a wall, the character fall over. Well, if you ran into a wall, I wouldn’t blame you for falling over. This is done on purpose… Obviously to give the game a more realistic feel, and to those complaining that characters can’t climb up the sides of buildings, this is GTA, not Assassins Creed.

gta v helicopters

Swimming is enjoyable, but can feel awkward when swimming under water. A great first attempt for Rockstar but the handling of the character under the surface of the sea definitely needs some work. Also, the underwater natural breathing time is on the borderland of ridiculous rather than realistic. Although it is a game, even I could last longer under water longer than any of these characters. So all in all, water and swimming needs work.

Driving cars isn’t much different from GTA IV, which in my opinion is a good thing. What is noticeable is you can feel the rumble of engines whether you are on a bike, in a car, in a plane, helicopter etc. which is a nice touch, what makes the biggest and greatest difference with driving is the improved graphics.

So to sum up Grand Theft Auto 5 in three words… FUN, REALISTIC, GRIPPING.

Check out the GTA V trailer below:

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