House of Cards Season 3 Review

Harry Chapman March 2, 2015 0
House of Cards Season 3 Review
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After what feels like a lifetime of waiting, Netflix has finally brought us the third season of House of Cards, a season which delves deeper into the background of Frank Underwood, focusing on his origins, his relationship with wife Claire and a journey which has seen the man who usually gets what he wants getting the opposite.

At the end of Season 2, Vice President Frank Underwood effectively set up the President to fall so that Frank could take his place. Now, after all his hard work, which has included deception and even murder, Frank is the President of the United States and must knuckle down and bare the responsibilities to which he has sworn himself. Unlike the first and second season, House of Cards Season 3 is lacking what fans loved most about the show, a main character with charisma, charm and a little of the devil inside, because after all, who doesn’t like a bit of a bad guy.

Before, Frank had a certain dark quality about him that separated his character and singled him out as one of the most fun to watch, however with the weight of responsibility of running the US it seems very much that it is now absolutely all work and no play. Granted, many of Frank’s somewhat evil actions were as result of him trying to get into the White House, however it’s beyond a shame that what was once the show’s most entertaining quality has now been diminished.

Frank Underwood has always been portrayed as a fighter, a survivor forcing his way to the top of the ranks doing whatever was necessary to get himself there, generally with great success… Since he’s gone from being Congressman Underwood to President Underwood. However, the strength of which the characters image was once stained upon seems lost in this series with Frank more often than not failing to achieve much in the way of success, with many things going wrong for him in the White House. He has had to tackle critics, a lack of support from fellow staff, betrayal on some fronts, pressurisation from other countries, fallouts with other world leaders and above all else a fading relationship with his wife, First Lady Claire Underwood.

This season displays an evident separation in the once inseparable team Underwood. The nights of planning and discussing what came next in furthering the Underwood legacy have long gone, with a cloud hanging over Claire and Frank’s head. Claire is done with being overshadowed by Frank, and has come to realise that everything they have done has really only been beneficiary for Frank. Frank himself seems to be struggling with coming to terms with some of the things he has had to do to get to where he is, but muzzles through nonetheless because of the position he is in.

New characters are introduced, whilst others are revisited, and those who we thought to be gone slip back in through the cracked foundation of the Underwood empyreal legacy. You’ll have to watch to find out more!

House of Cards Season 3 is available on NETFLIX now.

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