Lost TV Series Favourite Moments

Harry Chapman April 5, 2014 0
Lost TV Series Favourite Moments

I recently had fun in making a video of some of my favourite moments from one of my favourite TV series LOST. Obviously there are a number of spoilers in this post, so I wouldn’t watch the video unless you’ve finished watching the show.

The scenes include:

  • The reveal of the highly anticipated and mysterious hatch. It picks up from the end of series 1 which saw Jack and Locke blow open the door with explosives. The end of series one also saw the kidnapping of Walt if you can remember that far back! It’s been ten years since then.
  • The scene where Locke broke down to the point that he cries and screams words of hatred towards his Father for his betrayal, which if you remember consisted of the stealing of his sons kidney. He is banging on the hatch until a light comes on and shines up at him like a pure symbol of hope.
  • The scene where all fan girls wet their pants. Jack tells Kate that he flat out loves her for the first time since the show began. It only took him 3 seasons to do it!
  • That emotional moment where Ben turns the wheel which will move the island in order to protect it, despite being in knowledge of the fact that he won’t be able to return, EVER… even though he does, the sneaky devil.
  • The famous scene which brought the quote “We have to go back Kate, WE HAVE TO GO BACK!”… Need I say more?
  • The scene where Ben tells Jacob how he feels about the fact that he has never received any reward despite the sacrifices he has made to the island. He then kills Jacob, thinking he is doing John Locke’s deed, but it’s a whole lot more complicated than that!
  • Jack learns from Sawyer the final words of his Father. This is the first time we see Sawyer thinking of someone other than himself.

Some of my other favourite moments from Lost which made it so unbelievably fantastic would be:

  • The season 5 finale where Juliet loosened herself from Sawyer’s grip in order to save him.
  • The scene as shown in the video where Sawyer tells Jack his Dad is sorry.
  • The boat scene where Desmond phones Penny and she swears to find him.
  • The scene where Ben is judged by “the monster” and so many more.

It is such a unique show that has such a powerful ability to make you feel such a vast variety of feelings.

Check out the video of some of my favourite LOST moments below…

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