Sony CP-01 Stereo Headset Review

Harry Chapman January 16, 2014 2
Sony CP-01 Stereo Headset Review

Today I woke up and decided that today is the day to get a new PS3 headset. I’ve been using the GioTeck Bluetooth wireless headset for the past year and decided that I’ll step things up and move onto something more advanced considering the amount of time I’ve spent online as of late.

So, I walked into the store and saw a range of headsets on offer, including the rather attractive Grand Theft Auto Pulse Elite – Wireless Stereo Headset, however at the cost of £129.99 I felt it to be slightly out of my price range. So, I thought to myself that I couldn’t go at all wrong by buying the Official PlayStation 3 headset, the Sony CP-01, at an affordable price of £16.99. I have never been so wrong in my entire life about anything, ever.

On the back of the box it had all the usual details, a 3 metre USB oxygen free copper cable (whatever that means)… Compatibility information, all that good stuff. It also said that it attaches via USB, the staff at Game confirmed this. However upon opening the box at home, it appears that the headset does not just connect via USB. There are two other cables, AV cables that you have to plug into your TV. No big deal right? Well, it doesn’t bother telling you that you need another AV cable to be able to even use the thing (this cable isn’t included). So if you are a HDMI connector like myself, then you’ll be unpleasantly surprised when you come round to buying this headset and realising you’re going to need to go out and buy further unspecified cables.

So, the packaging is a MASSIVE LIAR! It lies further in telling you that with this purchase you’ll receive a headset bag to stick them in. The only bag I saw was the one that I carried the headset out of the store in. No bag was inside the box, don’t be fooled.

Image of the Sony CP-01 Stereo Headset

PS3 Headset

So, not off to a good start. After spending a good 10 minutes hunting my drawers and cupboards in a frenzy I found the necessary cables to set the thing up. I spent a further 15 minutes trying to get around the numerous cabling that would look absolutely hideous in the open if it weren’t for my trunking (wall wire hiders).

Now the headset has been wired up. I turn on the headset and am instantly blinded for life by the LED light on the sound control. Another unpleasant shocker. Moving on…

I then went through the ache of adjusting all settings so the input and output devices were synced with the new headset. Finally, it’s set up, I go on GTA V and guess what? My fellow player can’t hear a word I am saying, despite the headset microphone having been set on the highest volume. So after all that wonder and joy, the absolute atrocity which Sony dare call a headset, doesn’t work effectively as a gaming headset. This would be because they decided to stick the microphone on one of the headphones, a good 10cm away from the average mouth. Not that far a distance, but apparently too far for the weak mule of a microphone.

Official PlayStation 3 headset?

In the words of Catherine Tate’s Nan… What a fu**ing liberty.

If you’re looking for an affordable headset, I’d suggest the GioTeck Bluetooth wireless headset


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  1. Lycanshade February 25, 2015 at 6:49 pm - Reply

    Hey man, mind sharing what the name of the cable is xD?

    • Harry March 2, 2015 at 5:12 pm - Reply

      I’m afraid not, I got rid of the headset not long after writing the review!

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